SpeTool W07001 Solid Carbide Flush Trim Up Cut 1/4" Dia x 1/4" Shank x 3/4" Cutting Length x 2-1/2" Long Router Bit

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Cutting Direction: UP
Cutting Diameter(CD): 1/4"
Shank Diameter(SD): 1/4"
Cutting Length(CL): 3/4"
Overall Length(OVL): 2-1/2"
Material Carbide


Solid carbide flush trim bits significantly outperform standard flush trim router bits and excel where standard flush trim bits are lacking producing extremely smooth finished surfaces on some of the most demanding materials and applications.

The solid carbide construction allows complex blade geometry, and the welded steel tip accommodates a lock nut for ease of use and reliability.

Designed for cutting the following materials

  • Foam Board
  • Hardwood
  • Plastic
  • Softwood
  • Plywood


SpeTool Flush Trim Bits SpeTool Flush Trim Bits

SpeTool Flush Trim Bits

Why These Router Bits?

Smooth Running

High quality bearing, double independent ball guide bearings secured with a lock ring at the tip ensure smooth running

SpeTool Flush Trim Bits Bearing
SpeTool Flush Trim Bits Material

Widely Applications

Pefect for edging ,trming,veining and grooving on soft woods, hard woods, Plywood, laminate, OAK, MDF and any hardwood working

Excellent Cutting Finish

Sharp and smooth flute will leave an excellent cutting finish

Spetool flush trim bits flute
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rob Roscigno
Smooth as butter!

Definitely one of my favorite bits. Such a clean finish!

Matt K
Sharp bit makes smooth cuts

This bit works amazingly! First use was to cut some kayak hatch holes, this bit sliced through the plastic smoothly and had no chatter just a clean easy to guide cut. I've also used it on some wood projects and it performs equally well leaving clean smooth cuts that need almost no sanding. It's also very sharp you can feel the cutting edge on the bit so be careful taking it out of the protective case. I'm very happy with the performance so far and will be ordering more for my wodshop.

Nice solid bit

Cut very clean and without a lot of drag on the router motor...this is partially due to the small diameter, but also a sign of good design and sharp cutting edges.