!Discontinued: SpeTool W07003 Solid Carbide Flush Trim Compression Spiral 1/4" Dia x 1/4" Shank x 3/4" Cutting Length x 2-1/2" Long Router Bit

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Cutting Direction: UP & DOWN
Cutting Diameter(CD): 1/4"
Shank Diameter(SD): 1/4"
Cutting Length(CL): 3/4"
Overall Length(OVL): 2-1/2"
Material Carbide


Solid carbide flush trim bits significantly outperform standard flush trim router bits and excel where standard flush trim bits are lacking producing extremely smooth finished surfaces on some of the most demanding materials and applications.

The solid carbide construction allows complex blade geometry, and the welded steel tip accommodates a lock nut for ease of use and reliability.

Designed for cutting the following materials

  • Foam Board
  • Hardwood
  • Plastic
  • Softwood
  • Plywood


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
great bit

in most all cases, these compression bits including up and down spiral are useful
not sure why they are all not made this way now...
even if only one side is exposed there is no drawback to having both sides with a clean cut
very good quality bit, works great and priced very fairly, 5 stars

Dave Evers
Great for a trim router

Useful for trimming veneers and laminate with a trim router. The bearing guides the cutter and will keep a flush edge. Recommended

Cheryl O
I Don't Know How I lived Without These

This is the second flush trim bearing router that I have purchased and I am beyond thrilled with the performance of this tool. Building furniture and having the seat pieces identical in shape and size used to seem impossible. Now, I pop in this flush trim bearing router, and voila, identical twins.
New to router work or a seasoned woodworker, you will never regret adding this tool to your arsenal.

David E.
For when you need the cleanest cuts

Compression router bits take the best qualities of upcut and downcut router bits and make a new bit thats particularly good at leaving clean flush cuts that dont have all of the tear out on either the top or bottom surfaces (as long as you line up the center of the bit with the center of the wood youre flush cutting).
On this compression bit, the top bearings are very smooth, the flutes are sharp, and the plastic holder that keeps the bit secure is also square. This feature keeps the bit from rolling off/behind a workbench and getting lost or damaged. There was a little debris left on my bit from the machining process. It was just some oil mixed with fine metal shavings, but I would make sure to wipe off the bit before use so this debris doesnt end up on your work piece (keep in mind the sharp flutes though C they will cut like a knife).

David Rocks
Bearing Top Solid Tungsten Carbide Spiral Compression 1/4 inch Shank & Diameter Router Bit 3/4"LOC

I enjoy doing woodworking. I also do some router work for which this bit is excellent when using my superb DeWalt Compact Cordless Trim Router. NOTE: The listing is for either similar bearing top same size Upcut or Downcut bits; this one is clearly marked as a compression bit on the tube & that is what it is... I'm not sure why the mixup but I'm happy with this one!

This is an individually cased solid Tungsten Carbide (TC) bearing topped trim bit with a 1/4th in. Diameter & Shank Spiral Compression Bit. A compression bit is specially designed to prevent tearout at BOTH top and bottom of a wood workpiece for smoother finished surfaces. It needs a bit less feed speed but is great for template following especially when routing laminated wood paneling or thin plywood.
This bit is NOT suitable for plunging as the end is a guide bearing. It is for precise trim work. Though the cutting length is limited to 3/4 inch this bit is an essential one for me as I like routing and woodwork.

I Recommend this SpeTool Compression Cut 1/4 Shank Carbide Flush Trim Router Bit 3/4 inch Cutting Length Spiral Router Bit Woodwork CNC Machining 3D. Excellent unique style router trim bit for me.

I hope youve found the information and my review helpful.