SpeTool W07006 Solid Carbide Flush Trim Compression Spiral 1/4" Dia x 1/4" Shank x 1-1/8" Cutting Length x 3" Extra Long Router Bit

SpeTool Flush Trim Bits

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SPE-X coated
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Cutting Direction: UP & DOWN
Cutting Diameter(CD): 1/4"
Shank Diameter(SD): 1/4"
Cutting Length(CL): 1-1/8"
Overall Length(OVL): 3"
Material Carbide


Solid carbide flush trim bits significantly outperform standard flush trim router bits and excel where standard flush trim bits are lacking producing extremely smooth finished surfaces on some of the most demanding materials and applications.

The solid carbide construction allows complex blade geometry, and the welded steel tip accommodates a lock nut for ease of use and reliability.

The New Design SPE-X Coating provides heat resistance and wear resistance, ensures great performance, and provides up to 2.5X tool life.  (The previous code was W07014).

Designed for cutting the following materials

  • Foam Board
  • Hardwood
  • Plastic
  • Softwood
  • Plywood
SpeTool Flush Trim Bits SpeTool Flush Trim Bits

SpeTool Flush Trim Bits

Why These Router Bits?

Smooth Running

High quality bearing, double independent ball guide bearings secured with a lock ring at the tip ensure smooth running

SpeTool Flush Trim Bits Bearing
SpeTool Flush Trim Bits Material

Widely Applications

Pefect for edging ,trming,veining and grooving on soft woods, hard woods, Plywood, laminate, OAK, MDF and any hardwood working

Excellent Cutting Finish

Sharp and smooth flute will leave an excellent cutting finish

Spetool flush trim bits flute
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jesse Pertee
Does the job

Not a bad little bit.


It is a 1/4" shank router bit. These smaller bits are for small finishing cuts and are fine for that purpose. But for now, this bit seems to be holding it's own.

Sotto voce
3" depth

The 3" length definitely expands router capability. Maybe it's just me, but the router carbide cutter on router bits seems to be getting shorter.

Loren Woirhaye
router bit

I'm concerned about this breaking if it's used to remove too much stock at once but it's a decent bit for where a 1/2" bit won't go. Maybe they make 3/8" trimming bits as well which should be sturdier. I broke a 1/4" spiral bit once taking too deep a cut.