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SpeTool 1.5mm Radius 1/4" SHK Tapered Ball Nose TiAlN Coated 3D engraving mill
SpeTool 1.5mm Radius 1/4" SHK Tapered Ball Nose cnc router engraving bit
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SpeTool W01012 CNC 2D y 3D tallado 3,02 grados ángulo cónico punta esférica 1,5 mm de radio x 1/4" vástago x 1-1/4" longitud de corte x 3" de largo 2 flauta SC TiAlN recubierto Upcut Router Bit

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6 reseñas
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numero de flauta


Diámetro del vástago (SD)


Radio de punta (TR)

1,5 mm

Longitud de corte (CL)


Longitud total (OVL)


Grado de un solo lado




Material Carburo

Descripción general:

Especialmente diseñado para perfilado y tallado CNC 2D y 3D en plástico y madera con máquinas CNC. Las puntas de punta esférica de alto corte cortan contornos suaves en 2D y 3D con pasos reducidos.

Se puede utilizar con enrutadores CNC y montados en mesa.

Diseñado para cortar los siguientes materiales:

  • Espuma
  • Laminado
  • Melamina
  • Madera contrachapada
  • Acrílico
  • tablero de la muestra
  • Superficie sólida
  • Contrachapado enchapado
  • Superficie sólida
  • Composicion
  • Terraza compuesta

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Kaufman
Awesome Bits

Excellent tool life and smooth cuts. Highly recommend

Rick Bell
New to the CNC world

I'm sorry that I will not be able to write a review at this time. I have only owned my CNC for a few months and have not used the W01012 bit yet. Still doing the basics to learn how to use the CNC properly and safely.

Michael N
smooth cuts

very sharp, smooth cutting and seems durable. the previous one was over a year old and well used that this bit is replacing. i am a hobbyist and don't do production work for big orders either.

James D. Elliott
Great bit for the price

Great bit. Smooth cuts. Would purchase again

Thomas Keller
3d bit

The bit seems pretty good. I ran a 3d project with it last night.