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SpeTool router slab flattening bit
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SpeTool W05003 CNC Spoilboard Insert Carbide 4 Wing, revestimiento, cepillado, corte de moscas y nivelador de losa, broca enrutadora de vástago de 2-1/2" de diámetro x 1/2"

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62 reseñas
62 reseñas
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  • Esta fresa profesional para limpieza de fondos no solo es perfecta para aplanar, repavimentar o cepillar la superficie superior del tablero de madera, sino también para recortar y ranurar/ranurar. Gran herramienta de repuesto para carpintería.
  • Fresadora CNC de madera de 4 alas, Vástago: 1/2"; Diámetro de corte: 2-1/2"; Insertos de carburo 12*12*2,2 mm,
  • Contiene cuatro canales de corte, que proporcionan un mejor resultado de corte.
  • MDF, LDF, tableros de fibra, plástico, madera contrachapada, madera dura, madera blanda, etc.
  • Úselo en CNC y otros enrutadores automáticos, así como en enrutadores portátiles de mano y montados en mesa. Como máquinas de grabado para carpintería, máquinas de recorte, etc.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    As good as advertised

    Although SpeTool was a new name to me I bought this boss-hog bit to flatten some very nasty, lumpy cherry burl slabs to make charcuterie boards for family members. Rarely has any tool performed up to the rave reviews this one has, but it's the exception that proves the rule. It really is a well made tool and properly powered and carefully handled will do the job. (My router is a Triton 2 1/4hp) The dust and shavings are monumental, in my experience, and with my equipment, un-containable, so mask up, use a face shield and prepare for a lengthy clean up. I'd suggest a practice run on a board you can sacrifice, especially if this is your first effort at slab-flattening. It's very much a learning-by-doing process. Fine product. Would buy again. Highest recommendation.

    Brandon Kelenske
    Great Value

    Only quick light sanding after fast leveling with this baby!

    Bill Wiese

    I didn’t get the 12% promo discount when I ordered it.

    Randy Cochran

    It works great. I am building a 27 X 27 X 12 chopping block out of hickory. It is leveling the segments easily. The fit is very good.

    Boleslaw Borecki
    Turbo powered flattening

    Great tool to have when you need to flatten a warped board. Fast work if you have a powerful router. Only negative I could find is the 'fan effect' . It would blow chips several feet away. You can feel the wind quite a distance from the router head. At least you can see what is going on. Recommendable! Should not have to buy a replacement because the carbide teeth are replaceable. Excellent.