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Monthly Contest and Project Showcase

Hi everyone, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Monthly Contest and Project Showcase at SpeTool Router Bits!

First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for being an integral part of our community. Your engagement, posts, comments, suggestions, and even complaints have been instrumental in shaping the CNC world. Although we may not always be visible, the entire team at SpeTool Router Bits values the insights we gain from your interactions, and we are committed to using them to enhance our services and products.

Now, let's dive into the exciting part—winning prizes! Here's what you need to do to participate:

1.Stay Updated:

Check our official Facebook page, Facebook group or Instagram at the beginning of each month for the announcement of the month's theme and the winners from the previous contest.

2.Showcase Your Projects:

Share the projects you've accomplished with SpeTool Router Bits online, whether it's on our Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram, YouTube, or any platform of your choice.

3.Tag Us:

If you post outside of the SpeTool Router Bits Owner Facebook group, please tag us (@SpeTool Router Bits)

If you post on Instagram, please tag us (@spetool_cnc) and/or use our hashtags (#spetool #spetools #spetoolrouterbits)

If you post on TikTok, please tag us ( and/or use our hashtags (#spetool #spetools #spetoolrouterbits)

If you post on Twitter, tag us @SpeTool_CNC

If you post on other online forums, please send a link or screenshot to the following email address: 

Engage and Share Details:

Engage with the community by providing details about your projects. Share information such as:

  • feeds and speeds
  • the type of material used
  • the intended recipient
  • a story behind your project
  • business tips
  • and even a link to your product if you are selling it.

Remember, your project doesn't have to be overly complex or groundbreaking to be eligible for a prize. We want to encourage everyone, regardless of skill level or experience, to share and contribute to the community. You can send us your project as an illustrated blog, or we can publish it on the SpeTool website.

Rules and Other Details:

Giveaways will be conducted on a monthly basis, with winners announced on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).

If your project catches our attention and you are selected as a winner, we will send you a gift or prize to enjoy. The prize is different every month, please follow our official social media.

We may reach out to you via our social media channels if we require additional information to send your prize. Otherwise, we will use the shipping address and details we have on record for you. So you'd better have a SpeTool official website account, and leave the delivery address information.

Participants are eligible to win one item per month, but feel free to share an unlimited number of projects. You can also win multiple times, so keep those amazing projects coming even if you've won before!

Let's make this Monthly Contest and Project Showcase a vibrant and inspiring space where creativity and innovation thrive. Thank you for being part of the SpeTool Router Bits community!

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