SpeTool W04003 SC Spiral Plunge 1/2" Dia x 1/2" Shank x 1-1/4" Cutting Length x 3" Long 2 Flute Up-Cut Router Bit

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Cutting Direction: UP
Cutting Diameter(CD): 1/2"
Shank Diameter(SD): 1/2"
Cutting Length(CL): 1-1/4"
Overall Length(OVL): 3"
Material  Carbide


The Upcut spiral bit is the most popular type of spiral fluted tool. Use for grooving or slotting, for upward chip evacuation, and best finish on the bottom side of the part.  These bits allow for rapid cuts since the tool clears the chips away from the material.

Specially designed to provide an excellent finish. It can be used with handheld, table-mounted, and CNC routers.

Designed for cutting the following materials

  • Foam Board
  • Hardwood
  • Plastic
  • Softwood
  • Plywood



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Customer Reviews

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David S.
Results that were better than I expected

I'm making a box joint jig and I needed a 1/2" router bit that was longer than the one I had. After searching various websites and finding router bits that were a bit too expensive for my disability income, I happened to find the SpeTool website. I found the bit I was looking for, a W04003 upcut spiral bit, and was greeted with a price that was one half to one third of the price of the other bits I found. I ordered the bit and was expecting to wait the 7 - 10 days for delivery when I received an email from the delivery company stating the part had been shipped and expected delivery was July 7, the day after I purchased it! It arrived the next day like they said it would, so I was happy that I could continue the work on my router box.
The cut that the W04003 makes has no tear out along with having sharp, well defined corners and smooth edges. The quality of the cut it makes puts my other bits to shame, but they are inexpensive bits that are purchased by people like me, someone that needs a few router bits and found them at their local big box DIY retailer. I plan on building my router bit collection to replace those other bits, and I'm sure going to be checking out SpeTool fist. It's a quality router bit at an affordable price, you can't go wron,

Thanks for your affirmation, we will do better


Dont hesitate to purchase this product


Great item at a great price. Used to make hdpe molds for resin casting on a makita router...really clean surface after cut much better than normal router bit. Although probably should have got down cut rather than up cut to ensure small items were drawn down onto the table. But still worked well