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 JUCCI INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., (International company of Hangzhou Fengchi Import & Export Co., Ltd.,), is an online retail company dedicated to providing woodworking and CNC tools of exceptional quality at reasonable prices to the global market. Since 2016, we have been serving our customers on third-party e-commerce platforms, continuously refining our offerings based on customer feedback, and earning trust through our commitment to outstanding product quality and service.

SpeTool Journey:

2016: We initiated our business on third-party platforms, serving as a supplier for our product range.

2017: Our product category expanded beyond woodworking to include aluminum and ferrous metal work. Additionally, we introduced extra-long router bits to meet specific demands.

2019: Successful development of a special material to extend tool lifespan. Introduction of innovative solutions for composite materials and router bits featuring replaceable solid carbide insert knives.

2020: Facilities were upgraded to elevate service quality and customization capabilities.

2021: A transformative year as SpeTool transitioned into a Direct-to-Consumer business model. Social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest were established for improved communication with our valued customers.

2023: JUCCI INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED was founded, marking another significant milestone in our internationalization journey


Steve Yi's Odyssey

Steve Yi's narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a childhood surrounded by the hum of a hard alloy factory's courtyard. Little did he foresee that his future would be intricately connected to those formative years. Post-university, Steve ventured into the realm of specialized manufacturing, garnering experiences in aerospace and elevator manufacturing giants. Fate's cogs took him across the United States and Europe, where he witnessed woodworking as a vital livelihood. Realizing the burden placed by established tool brands, especially on small businesses, Steve made a pivotal decision to return to his roots. Combining life experiences with manufacturing insights, he aspired to create globally accessible, superior-quality woodworking tools at reasonable prices. These tools cater to both professional woodworkers engaged in large-scale projects and the vibrant DIY communities.

Terry Chow's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Terry Chow, a close friend and former classmate of Steve Yi, is an avid outdoor enthusiast with years of experience in international trade entrepreneurship. He successfully established multiple brands, spanning automotive accessories to electric bikes. His experiences shaped his resilient spirit, with dense forests and desolate deserts serving as his battlegrounds. For Terry, venturing forth and creating is the guiding principle of life.

After numerous trials and triumphs, Terry's journey converged with Steve's. This encounter was a fusion of shared ideals, coupled with a resonance of passion for life and entrepreneurial spirit, leading them to jointly create the "SpeTool" brand. Their motto encapsulates the essence of SpeTool: "Make Your Work Easier!"

A Team Forged in Passion

In just a few years, Steve and Terry curated a team of tool enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, united by a love for tools and a commitment to solving customer challenges. Recognizing the pivotal role of selecting the right tools for project success, the team endeavors to provide customers with clear and comprehensive information, allowing them to save time and money and focus on creating and enjoying their work and life.

In essence, SpeTool exists to make your work easier, providing customized, high-quality, and reasonably priced woodworking tools. Join us on this journey where success in your endeavors becomes more achievable. Our slogan encapsulates our commitment: "Make Your Work Easier!"


Company Add: 56 Hoi Yuen Road, Room 101A, 1/F., Genplas Industrial Building,, Kwun Tong, Kowloon Hong Kong SAR.

📞Whatsapp :+86 15084721776

📧 email: service@spetools.com (Due to the different time zone, email support will be replied within 24 hours.)

SpeTool Router Sled Wood Slab Flattening Mill

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