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We Are SpeTool

Hangzhou Fengchi Import and Export Co.,LTD

SpeTool manufacture and supply various tools including CNC router bits, carving and engraving bits, aluminum, and metal end mills,  grinder burr, and other rotary tools, for industrial and DIY application.

SpeTool 2D/3D Engraving Router Bit

SpeTool is NOT "just another tool seller".

We love this industry and the mission that anyone accomplished their works of art with our tools.

After communicated with DIYers, we are acknowledged that usually three things hold them back in their daily work. 1. low price with poor quality, otherwise professional use with unaffordable price; 2. Regular specification tools are lack of versatility, cannot fully meet their need; 3. High barrier of this industry and not friendly to starters.
In 2016, SpeTool was founded to devote unprecedented commitment to material, coating research and community establishment, ensuring that we can provide user-friendly tools, and tools can be used well.


SpeTool Journey

2016 ★Business started on the third party platform to supply our products on our behalf.

2017 ★We extend our category from woodwork collection to aluminum and ferrous metal work.

★★★★To meet specific demand, extra long router bits was developed.

2019 ★Succeeded in developing special material to prolong tools life.New solutions for composite materials.Router bits with replaceable solid carbide insert knives.

2020 ★Upgraded facility for better service and customization.

2021 ★We revamped SpeTool to  become a Direct to Consumer business, Social medias account of enterprise are setted, including FB, INS, PINT, etc, for better communication with our beloved customers.