SpeTool 2d 3d carving tapered end mill router bits

[WEEKLY TECH TIPS] What are 3D Carving Router Bits?

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The 3D Carving Router Bit provides the extra length needed to carve 3D shapes out of solid wood, plastic, foam, and other materials. The tapered CNC router bit design provides extra strength while maintaining a small radius at the tip of the bit. This unique design provides clearance when routing 3D profiles and allows you to create complex Carvings in various stocks.
Choose a radius that matches your project's detail resolution. These CNC Carving drills are available in a variety of shank and radius combinations.
SpeTool Solid Carbide End Mills are made of high-quality solid Carbide that will last for hours and always retain their sharpness.
SpeTool 3d tapered router bits

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