SpeTool Flush Bearing Router Bits

[WEEKLY TECH TIPS] What are Flush Trim Router Bits?

A flush trim router bit is a must in every woodworking shop.  It is used to trim shelf edges, veneers, or laminates.  Use it with templates to make repeating parts or connecting edges straight and smooth.  It's one of the most commonly used router components in the shop.

flush trim router bits spetool

SpeTool Flush Trim Bit

Part of the difference between spiral router bits and traditional brazed carbide bits is the material itself.   Although Spiral bits are more expensive, they are machined from solid carbide, which is harder and has a finer grain structure than brazing bits.   Solid carbide has sharper edges that hold them longer, especially in abrasive materials such as laminates, plywood, and MDF.

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