SpeTool Ranger and carbide insert baldes
SpeTool ranger Series double bearings carbide insert flush trim bit
SpeTool ranger Series double bearings carbide insert flush trim bit
SpeTool ranger Series double bearings carbide insert flush trim bit
SpeTool ranger Series double bearings carbide insert flush trim bit
SpeTool Ranger Carbide Insert Flush Trim Router Bit 32mm Dia 1/2" SHK
SpeTool Ranger Carbide Insert Flush Trim Router Bit 32mm Dia 1/2" SHK
SpeTool carbide insert baldes
SpeTool Ranger Carbide Insert Flush Trim Router Bit

SpeTool Ranger Series W07020 & O01001 Carbide Insert Flush Trim with Top and Bottom Double Bearings 32mm Dia x 1/2" Shank Pattern Template Router Bit with 10PCS Replaceable Carbide Inserts

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Welcome to the SpeTool Ranger Series, where precision woodworking trimming becomes a breeze with our Heavy Duty Carbide Insert Flush Trim Router Bit W07020. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a hobbyist, you'll find value in its unique design, industrial-grade quality, and high-precision cutting capabilities.

SpeTool Ranger Carbide Inserts Flush Trim Router Bit W07020


Cutting Length: 65mm
Cutting Diameter: 32mm
Shank Size: 1/2 inch
Includes 14 pieces of (12mmx12mmx2.2mm) carbide inserts
Package Includes: 1PC flush trim router bit and 10PCS replacement carbide inserts packed in a plastic box

SpeTool Ranger Carbide Inserts Flush Trim Router Bit W07020

What's New in the Upgrade:

Black Steel Body Coating: We've taken it a step further by introducing a sleek black coating to the steel body. This not only enhances the router bit's aesthetics but also offers increased durability and resistance to wear.

Streamlined Groove Design: The overall design of the carbide insert groove has been refined for a more robust appearance. This redesign not only adds to the visual appeal but also enhances performance.

Unique Design:
This pattern flush trim router bit has been meticulously crafted with top and bottom bearings and features replaceable carbide blades fixed in a spiral pattern. This distinctive design empowers you to achieve precise trimming effortlessly.

Industrial-Grade Quality:
Crafted with an industrial super-strength steel body and robust tungsten carbide blade, this router bit boasts exceptional hardness and durability. It's ready to tackle any wood type with ease.

High Precision:
Each bit is CNC machined and coated for reduced friction, while the precision guide bearings ensure smooth and accurate cuts. Expect outstanding results for your woodworking projects.

Compatible Equipment and Materials:
Whether you're using a table-mounted router or a handheld one with a 1/2-inch collet, this router bit fits the bill perfectly. It's adept at trimming particle board, chipboard, MDF, density board, melamine board, veneer plywood (laminate), and solid wood.

SpeTool Ranger Carbide Inserts Flush Trim Router Bit W07020

How to remove and replace Ranger Series blades:

⚠️Important Notes:
We recommend using this bit with a table-mounted router for optimal performance. Always ensure the set screws are tightened securely before each use. This practice guarantees a stable work environment and excellent cutting results.

Choose the SpeTool Ranger Series Heavy Duty Carbide Insert Flush Trim Router Bit for woodworking trimming that's accurate, efficient, and satisfying. Whether you're a professional craftsman or a DIY enthusiast, this router bit will prove to be an indispensable companion in crafting exquisite woodworking creations.

Customer Reviews

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Cuts very cleanly as it pushes the limits of length. Loud which is good as it is very dangerous in its full extension. Make sure bandsaw cuts do not leave much material to remove

Bill M.
A Very Impressive Router Bit

The quality of this router bit is far above average, and that quality is readily apparent upon taking it out of the box. I like this router bit a lot.

The performance of this bit is also outstanding. It cuts hardwoods beautifully/effortlessly, and the cuts are perfectly smooth. There are no weird grooves or lines along the cut. Furthermore, it leaves no scorch/burn marks.

Beyond that, my favorite thing about this type of bit is that all four sides of the inserts are useable. Which means you will get A LOT of use/longevity out of a single set of inserts.

So, even though this bit is a bit pricey, it is well worth its initial cost. I recommend this bit highly.

If you have any questions about this router bit, please feel free to ask, and I'll try my best to answer. I hope you found this review helpful.

Tissues and Rainbows
Incredible flush trim bit

This #SpeTool flush trim router bit is amazing. The bit is comprised of 14 four-sided carbide cutting bits arranged in a helical pattern. Two large bearings are located at the top and bottom of the bit. The first thing you notice is how heavy this thing is quickly followed by the sharpness of the carbide bits. Each carbide bit can be rotated to make use of all four sides giving this bit a long life until it's time to swap out any worn bits. I ran a few pieces of scrap oak and walnut with a top mounted pattern and this bit cut through the woods like butter. More amazing was the finish left behind. There were no tear-outs or splintering and the resulting cut was extremely smooth. Needing only a very light sanding. It works like my helical cutter head jointer, only in a vertical position. I'm very impressed and even though the price seems high, this is one bit that will get a lot of use and I can see lasting a lifetime, or two.

Wow! What a Bit

Was so excited when I got a new Bosch router table last year ... But now this takes the cake!!

Absolutely beautiful concept and execution. Cuts cleanly and powerfully, making "copy work" a cinch.

I love that as the blades become worn, you can rotate them for a fresh side. Perfect.

Excellent Helical cut pattern with replaceable inserts. Makes perfect cuts.

This is a large bit that you'll need a full-size router with. The inserts are sharp carbide, and can easily be rotated to fresh edges when needed. It has 4x the edge life over regular router bits. The helical pattern makes a smooth cut, even in highly figured wood. The wood can be moved slowly pass this bit, and it doesn't burn.
I don't have a table saw, just a circular track-saw and this works as a jointer to edge join boards together with perfectly tight edges.
The bearings allow top and bottom template cutting when required. Very handy. They spin freely and are also wide to help prevent bearing grooves when used for flush cutting.
It can be used to cut the solid wood edging I might add to the edge of shelves.
The price may seem high, but it is ultra-high quality, with an excellent design, and the perfect size for all I need. And it will last for years to come, with easy to replace inserts.
Highly recommended!