SpeTool W07034 SC Top And Bottom Bearing Compression Flush Trim 1/2" Dia x 1/4" Shank x 1" Cutting Length x 2-3/4" Overall Long Router Bit

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Cutting Direction: UP & DOWN
Cutting Diameter(CD): 1/2"
Shank Diameter(SD): 1/4"


g Length(CL):

Overall Length(OVL): 2-3/4"
Material Carbide


●Unique Design: The Ultra-Performance pattern router bit design with top and bottom bearings, Compression cut prevents fraying and splintering, left perfect edges
Industrial Quality: The flush cut router bit is made of premium carbide according to stringent Industrial grade quality standards providing tough, resistant wear and high cutting performance.
Sharp Efficient: The template router bit is sharper and stays sharp longer than conventional flush-trim router bits. Provide better chip evacuation, less heat buildup, and cleaner edges.
Wide Application: This flush trim bit can be used for any flush trim situation and is an excellent choice for pattern or template work

Designed for cutting the following materials

  • Particle Board
  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • Density Board
  • Melamine Board
  • Plywood
  • Laminate
  • Solid wood
SpeTool Flush Trim Bits SpeTool Flush Trim Bits

SpeTool Flush Trim Bits

Why These Router Bits?

Smooth Running

High quality bearing, double independent ball guide bearings secured with a lock ring at the tip ensure smooth running

SpeTool Flush Trim Bits Bearing
SpeTool Flush Trim Bits Material

Widely Applications

Pefect for edging ,trming,veining and grooving on soft woods, hard woods, Plywood, laminate, OAK, MDF and any hardwood working

Excellent Cutting Finish

Sharp and smooth flute will leave an excellent cutting finish

Spetool flush trim bits flute
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