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[WEEKLY TECH TIPS] What Router Bit to Use for Flattening Slabs? (1)

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Flattening slabs is a daunting task… no doubt about that! Especially when you have to work with larger wooden slabs with rough edges, it can be really intimidating. But, you can make this flattening process buttery smooth if you are equipped with the right tools. The only machine you will need for this task is just your router with a perfect router bit! So, what router bit to use for flattening slabs in your own workshop? Don’t worry. SpeTool has 4 different planer router bits to use for flattening slabs. Today we introduce a 2+2 Flutes Spoilboard Router Planer Bit.

SpeTool W05001 2+2 Flutes Spoilboard Router Planer Bit 1" CD x 1/4" SD

Surfacing Planer Router Bits

The very first thing you will notice about this tool is its blades. This router bit contains 4 insert knives in it. The first 2 knives are designed for cutting flutes and the last 2 knives are used as up-shear scorers. These up-shear scorers are suitable for providing a smoother finish on the surface.

Further, these blades are SpeTool custom-made. 2.2mm insert thickness will prevent marring, high-quality steel and coating protects against corrosion and provides a longer bit life.

SpeTool Customized Insert

Overall, combining these 2+2 knives will give you the best outcome you may want from a slab flattening router bit. This tool can be used on different surfaces such as fiberboard, high-density urethane boards, plastic, MDF, softwood, plywood, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, etc. Key Features: 2+2 featured insert knives design. Blades are made SpeTool custom-made. Provides a better slab flattening experience. Can be used with multiple CNC machines. Offers a better cutting diameter. High cost-performance ratio. Next time we will introduce another 3-Wing Flatten Router bit, coming soon...🚀🚀🚀

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