[WEEKLY TECH TIPS] What Is V-carving?

V-carving is a cutting method that utilizes a V-bit to create designs with different widths. The shape of the V-shaped bit creates a narrower carving at the tip of the bit and wider at the bottom of the bit, as opposed to using a straight-cut bit, which consistently provides an...

[WEEKLY TECH TIPS] What is the difference between V-Groove and V-bits?

CNC V-Bits are single flute bits with one cutting edge. They are designed to be most efficient in fine detail engraving in hardwood, aluminum, brass, copper, etc. Commonly used in the engraving industry, they are available in different sizes and lengths. SpeTool offers SPE-X Coated versions (like the W06008, W06009,...


A compression bit is the combination of both up-cut and down-cut spirals.  A dedicated up or downward spiral may only give a good finish on one side of the material if the material is laminated. Where both sides of the material require the best possible finish, a compression bit is your best solution. For very hardwoods, .250" per pass might be too deep, so we need to change the 1/10" up-cut compression.

Incredible Ideas for DIY Woodworking Projects

Are you into woodworking and looking for some lightbulb ideas to kick-start with it? If yes, then you have come to the right place.